Do You Wanna Read a Real Life Ghost Story?

Tracy Cross
11 min readJun 8, 2022


It started with a simple line:

“Ghost hunting on Friday the 13th? What could be better?”

Who would have thought anything, right? A bunch of horror writers going on a ghost tour in Denver…nada…nothing was gonna happen.

Then, I joined the tour and it just kinda went nuts. Or maybe it was me.

You see, I am a sensitive. But what is that? I can feel things that aren’t there, smell…see…hear and touch stuff that no one else can. I knew that I was clairvoyant. I’ve had MANY dreams that have come true, literally. Like I know when I have a job or when I’m in a situation and it’s gonna be fine. Sometimes. Sometimes, I don’t really read the signs or just forget the dreams.

Anyway, me and my sensitive ass decided to go on a ghost tour with a bunch of awesome folks. I’m not gonna name names or anything, but here’s a photo with their faces blurred out. I didn’t get permission and I don’t want to finger point, but if there was ever a great group to go ghost hunting/touring with, it’s this group.

this is the group-Lisa Morton is there-she’s next to me. She gave me the okay to use her name. And thanks to Muskrat for taking our picture.

And this was our handy, dandy tour guide. I’ll have info on him later. He was “interesting”.

“I’ll be taking you on your walk into hell. Don’t look at the rabbit behind me.”

This is the Capitol Building in Denver, Colorado. Lots of ghosts in there but we were all watching the cute little bunny running back and forth in front of it. And the tour guide had a cold, so he was pretty high on cold drugs, not unlike the rest of us, souped up on stuff that would help us breathe the high altitude Colorado air better. I had nose spray and decongestants. And this is also when my head started to hurt a bit.

Remember, sensitive.

Me playing out a horror scene with the tour guide.

We start walking and get to this building. A brothel or something. Lady kills herself in the tub. Oh there’s the room where it happened. Hey, you girl, come here, I wanna use you as an example for something. Let’s play act this scene.

I did good.

On to the next one.

My head was hurting a bit more. The air was decent, not hot or cold. I’m joking with the big guy in the group-R, if he’ll protect me if anything goes wrong.

“Yeah, I got you.” He said.

Famous last words.

His partner, L-my super awesome mentor and friend, asked me if I felt anything.

“Mmm, not yet.”

We get to the Molly Brown House and there’s a long story about it. I couldn’t remember if you held a gun to my head. But, nothing memorable happened to me there. I kept looking up at one window thinking, “That’s strange.” Again, nudging R, sticking like glue to L.

The Molly Brown House-no bad things here…

We start walking. Ghost meters come out. They are checking calibration and what not.

Ah, the Dunning-Benedict House was next. Big guy is standing behind me and I smell something. Something weird, like spicy and sweet. It tickled my nose. I turn around and just stick my nose in his chest. He’s like, “Okay, whatever.”

“Not him.” I said.

“You smell something?” L, the non believer, asked.

“Something, I’m not sure though.”

Tour guide starts talking and I’m looking at the house. Then I hear this knocking. Like five hard knocks at the window. I’m so sure that everyone else heard it. My simple ass interrupts the tour guide, “Hey! Y’all hear that?”


“The knocks…on that window over there. Like five knocks.”

Everyone starts looking at me like I’m crazy. I’m like, “It’s so loud. Jeez, how can you not hear it?”

“We didn’t hear anything.” Everyone says.

“Bullshit.” I mumble under my breath.

Then, the smell again. So, like some dog on a hunt, I start sniffing in front of me, but keeping an eye on the window. The smell moves near the Tour Guide. Then, it’s gone. Like nothing was there.


I whip out my phone to take a picture of the house. I was able to get this one and then, my phone started having problems. It would get stuck on the shutter or go black and stop working. I’m thinking it’s just me. Like, what? It’s an IPHONE!! THIS IS MODERN TECHNOLOGY!!

Ghosts were like, “Ha ha, nope.”

Whatever, I keep snapping and then I think I broke it.

The Knocking window house…or where my insanity began.

(The arched window with the bush in tree kinda branches in front of it was where I heard the knock. The knock that no one heard. Whatevs.)

Back to my wonky phone.

Another guy is like, “I can’t get a picture of the house.”

I said the same thing.

He pulls out the meter and it’s going all nutso.

Finally, I am allowed to take a picture (oh thank you so much house that I’ll never enter!) And there’s a dot. Which means, that’s a ghost. So the ghost had to get ready for its picture. Who says vanity is dead?

Here it is…

The Green Dot ghost and the picture I was allowed to take by the house. Thank you, house.

Yeah, that green dot is the ghost.

I don’t know what the hell was happening on the other side of that house, but I’ll tell you what-looking at that picture and the balcony up there-shit does not look right.

Next house was diagonally across the street. The Patterson Inn.

The Patterson Inn-aka Dog Flying out the windows-cupola?-house

Many things happened at this house, including dogs being thrown out the window at the top of the tower-it’s not called a cupola. It’s just a window. He starts talking about it and the following things happen to me:

  1. A stabbing feeling in my left eye
  2. Intense pain in my head
  3. Surrounded by the same smell as before. It enveloped me.
  4. Slight nausea

Add to that a strange dude standing near our group that decides to stalk a college girl walking down the street and shit just went wrong fast.

I stumbled backwards and kinda fell away from the group. I don’t know what they were saying but every time I looked at that house, I had this searing pain in my head and in my eye. It was like something was horrible.

Another guy in the group-let’s call him “White Knight” had stepped away from the group.

“Are you okay?” He asked me.

“Um, no. I am not okay. I don’t understand what’s happening.”

The tour guide wraps up his story and walks over near me. “I saw you weren’t feeling good, so I wrapped that up pretty fast. But I have to ask you something. When we go to the next house, can you just step ahead of the group to this one spot?”

My stupid ass says what?


We’re walking. The girl that stood with our group is walking on the sidewalk in front of us. Then, the guy that was hiding in the shadow-and crossed to the other side of the street-crosses BACK over and starts talking to her. This girl is scared shitless. She says something to him and runs away. “White Knight” steps up like he’s about to whup some ass. I’m like, “Oh!”

Two things:

  1. R did not protect me.

I reeled him in for this, “You said you were gonna protect me.”

“I didn’t know!”

L kinda snickered a bit.

“Thanks for protecting me.” I said and playfully punched him.

“Hey, say something!”

*we were all joking, so please don’t take this seriously.

2. As soon as I walked away from the house-mind you we were across the street-I felt much, much better.

We get to the next house. Wonderful.

The group is behind us and the tour guide asks me to go and stand in this one spot. I skip (skip, like an idiot!) ahead and stand there.

The Peabody Whitehead Mansion. Here’s a photo-that I didn’t take because all the below things happened to me:

The Peabody Whitehead Mansion-aka “Angry House”

I haven’t even looked up at the house yet. I’m standing where he told me to stand and I had some extreme fucking pain. My head hurt so bad, like hot knives were poking in my eyes. Then, when the group joined me, something pushed me. I whip around and ask one of the girls, “Did you hit me?” She shook her head. I whip around to the other side, “Did you hit me?” She said no.

Something hit me, like pushed me. After that, I felt like a cold body pressed itself against the back of my body. Like pushed right up against me.

Then, I looked up at the window. The one on the left with the stairs and my legs buckled. I felt nauseous and something really fearful swept over me. I was scared and angry and felt an overwhelming sense of dread. The smell was back and the tour guide was standing in front of me. I looked at him and the group and lost my mind.

“This place is fucking evil!! You need to get away now! I’m telling you, don’t even fucking stand here!” Who in the hell was this talking? I felt like I was watching myself, but something else was really pissing me off.

The tour guide was like, “Okay, that’s a hot spot for true clairvoyants. Whenever they stand there, they get that feeling, but I’ve never seen it this strong.”

I looked at that man and said, “You stay the fuck away from me! There’s something attached to you. You stay away!” I’m pointing and yelling, trying to back away.

Meanwhile the ghost meters are going insane because they point them to where I’m standing. I don’t know if it was me or what!

White Knight comes and stands in the street with me, but whatever the fuck it was pressed up against me. It was so cold and the further I tried to step back, the more it pulled me to the house. I am not even shitting you. I was angry and told White Knight that that man was evil. That whole house was evil and the tour guide was evil.

I’d never felt such anger in all my life.

“Hey these things work!”

The meters had hot readings

Proof that I’m not crazy-I wasn’t even there! Look at it go!

The tour guide tells me to walk down the sidewalk and away from the property. White Knight starts walking with me. I’m cool. Not really. I double over because the coldness is on my back again…and then something grabs around my stomach and tries to yank me back.

Literally, I stop in the middle of the sidewalk and bend over.

“You okay?” White Knight asks.

I don’t know what I actually said, but in my brain, I said, “The fuck bro? I’m doubled over and about to vomit! Something is pulling me back and no, I need help!”

I must have said something because he offered his hand-I think-and I walked off the property. As soon as I was off the property, everything was fine again.

Now, my reaction was so violent that another person in the group, I’ll call her “Don’t Mess With Me K” stepped into the spot where I stood and had my mini freak out. Later, she told me that she felt nauseous, like she was going to puke, just standing there.

(Later, I found out that house had five levels of evil in there, including a young girl that was kidnapped, raped and buried in the house.)

While we walked back to the hotel, one of the guys, I’ll call him-Truck Dude-was like, “Hey, I have a Bible in my room. Do you have one in your room?”

“I don’t think so. This ain’t the old days of Bibles in hotel rooms.”

“If you want,” he whispers, “you can come back and get the Bible, cool?”

“I’ll be on you like white on rice.” I said.

We go back to the State Capitol and Don’t Mess With Me K is kinda lingering around me. I think she was going to punch the tour guide if he took a step closer or something. I said that I smelled that smell on him and he must have a spirit or something attached.

(And of course, my mother thought I was nuts. But here’s the thing. We ran into another group that had the same tour, twice. I stepped close to the ‘gal’ that was leading the tour and she didn’t have a smell or ghost or anything. It was only our tour guide that had the ghost smell.)

After it’s all over, the tour guide is coughing and I kinda feel bad that he had to do this. Although, I am also thinking he’s got a ghost stuck in his throat or something. He takes a step towards me and is like, “What you want to do is get a candle…”

“Where am I gonna get a candle from?” I cut him off.

“There’s a dollar store…”

“No, what YOU want to do is get that damn ghost off of you. I know what I’m gonna do. I got ‘rootwork’ spells that I can work.”

He looked at me. I knew he had no clue what the hell I was talking about.

“Old school magic spells from my family.” I said.

He told us how to walk back to the hotel and we did, with everyone peeling off and me giving R another jabbing of his lack of protection.

White Knight disappeared and I felt bad because I didn’t say goodbye to him. But, really, I was trying to stick close to Truck Dude. Something about him felt very strong, like he believed in God despite all the horror shit that happened to us.

We get back to the hotel and he’s like, “Well, the Bible may be in my room or in my truck. I can meet you at your room.”

“Nah, bro. I’m heading up with you. I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

He looked at me and I nodded towards the elevator like, “Let’s go.”

We head up to his room and his wife is asleep. He woke her up and I’m standing outside the room thinking of the Lord’s Prayer and all that. He comes out with the Bible.

“Keep it, it’s yours. I got a bunch.” He said.

“Thanks. I’ll just look for a psalm or something…”

“Try the 23rd Psalm. Open it to that one.”

I nodded and thanked him. Took the elevator down to my room on the 13th floor-THE IRONY!! Headed to the shower, put all my clothes in a plastic bag, opened to the 29th Psalm and went to bed.

The next day, I ran into L.

“Do you believe now?” I asked.

“Mmm, there’s something out there. I believe there’s something.”



Tracy Cross

Tracy Cross is a writer of horror stories, loves disco and is from Cleveland, Ohio. She wants you to buy her first book, “Rootwork” in November of this year.