My Ghost Story that I Forgot!

Tracy Cross
4 min readOct 30, 2021


I’ve had an idea for a ghost story in my head for a year or so now. I am now a hunt and peck typist, with a sprained wrist. Thus, I am begging for any typos to be forgiven.

But, let’s talk about ghosts, man.

Podcasts can be a great resource to find out about ghosts. One thing I’ve learned is that ghosts don’t adhere to change well. Thus, you can remodel a house or tear it down, but the ghost will always walk the path they have known. That’s why old houses that have not been remodeled are the best for ghost haunts. The White House would be ideal because I don’t think much has changed. So, the next time you want to go on a decent ghost haunt, find a building that hasn’t changed. (This is so utterly fascinating that I mentioned it last week.)

Yeah, right.

Ghosts that are stuck haunt places they died. I lived in an old building. My youngest was two, I think. Everyday at a certain time, there was a smell that appeared. It would linger outside the bathroom then move diagonal towards the door. At first, I didn’t think I was aware of it. However, this building was old. Like 1920’s old. I didn’t research any aspect of the building because I didn’t think so.

Back to the smell. It was a sweet smell. I don’t know if it scared my kid but she did some weird stuff-like hide and poop in her diaper. Then, she comes out with this extra big butt and says, “Mommy, my booboo is dangerous.” Yeah.

One day, it finally got to me. I asked her about the smell. She said something about a lady. I blew it off. But the smell was there everyday at the same time. I can’t remember if my ex husband smelled it. He may have mentioned it, but he was hardly home. So, I called my former mother-in law.

“I think we have a ghost. Bring Aunt S and investigate.”

The next day they came. They were antsy. I put them where the smell would appear. They laughed and talked and then at 3, they were deadly silent. They smelled it. I watched these two women lose all color in their face and follow the smell.

“That’s a ghost.” Mother in law said to Aunt S.

They got the fuck out of there, leaving me with a sweet smell of old lady perfume and a ghost.

The next day or two, they came back with reinforcements. Holy water, bibles, a priest (I think) and got busy. The prayers started. I remember it was before she appeared. When she appeared, they got aggressive. They started throwing holy water everywhere, chanting, praying and following it towards the door. Aunt S was nicer, asking the spirit to leave. Mother in-law was always more aggressive. She didn’t want a ghost haunting her granddaughter. She told it to leave.

But Mother in-law had a secret. She had something attached to her.


Old lady spirit left. But within the next few days, my daughter would crawl in bed with me and my ex. She would get up and be petrified with fear. She never said what it was, but she would run from her room and to the Mommy side of the bed. (I never asked questions, just pulled her in. My ex would wait for her to sleep and take her back to bed or guide her back to bed and sit with her until she slept.)

One night, she came and got in the bed with us. She fell asleep but an hour or so later, I felt someone else in the room. They were watching me sleep. I felt him on my left side by the window. I rolled over, in a haze, and saw a man in a blue grey uniform leaning over the fucking bed. He was clear as day.

His uniform looked like something from the Civil War. He wasn’t angry, just curious. He was looking at our daughter. I swear, I felt his presence on top of me. He was so close that I swiped at him. Like swiped hard. He stood up, touched his cap and disappeared.

I called my Mother in law, who happened to be doing some family research. She told me about a family member- on her side-that served in The Civil War. Same kind of suit and everything. All I could think was, “She got rid of one ghost and left another.”

Could be either but not both

I wanna say it’s the greyish uniform but not sure

He never came back but more ghostly things happened in that damned place. I don’t think it was horrible, but a person did come to me in my sleep and tell me something so alarming,it destroyed a family member.

That’s for next week though.



Tracy Cross

Tracy Cross is a writer of horror stories, loves disco and is from Cleveland, Ohio. She wants you to buy her first book, “Rootwork” in November of this year.